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Breakfast, Brunch & Cosy Colourful Vibes at The Chubby Frog

Updated: Apr 1

Can we share a secret with you? But you must absolutely promise not to tell a single soul…..

Our desire to create a hearty breakfast that hits the spot was actually born through a string of disappointing brunches whilst dining out.  True story!  Late one evening, sat at the kitchen table with a glass of wine and discussing the menu direction of The Chubby Frog, we touched upon the lacklustre Eggs Benedict and “Full English” we’d ordered at a cafe that very morning.  Our disappointment began the moment the plates hit the table and needless to say didn’t improve upon being handed the bill. We’ve all been there right?!

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. And ours appeared to us that evening in the form of “Wouldn’t it be brilliant to offer the best breakfast around?! The place to be for honest delicious breakfast food, over the top full Englishes and a scrumptious selection of homemade pancakes!"

Initially we intended to roll this offering out soley on the weekend, but it was our fabulous manager extraordinaire, Jessica, that suggested it be a staple offering throughout the week. And thus Brunch at The Chubby Frog was born. Providing all of the above and catering to a variety of dietary requirements including a strong Gluten Free & Veggie offering. Hallelujah!

Since launching The Chubby Frog in December we've been delighted by the response and clearly you all love a good breakfast as much as we do! And if you're new here and thinking about paying us a visit, our eclectic breakfast menu is sure to delight and entice breakfast and brunch enthusiasts from far and wide, so today I wanted to share our 5 absolute must try’s on the menu…

1. The Breakfast Burrito Bomb

Drawing inspiration from a family staple in our house,  in which we use the leftovers from our weekly Taco Night to create a deliciously messy and divine breakfast burrito the following morning. In our restaurant kitchen however, The Breakfast Burrito Bomb is made up of our signature Beef Brisket (i'll tell you all about our insanely delicious brisket burgers another time!!) Nacho Cheese Sauce, Jalapeño's Smoked Chimichurri Sauce, Avocado, Rice, Smoked Beans & topped with a Poached Egg...

An epically lush plate full of flavour.....wrap it only if you dare!!

2. The Full English / Make It Mega

An absolute classic that we couldn't possibly miss off the menu! Because who doesn't love a Full English? With our succulent Cumberland Sausages, Smoked Back Bacon, Smoked Beans, homemade Hash Brown, Vine Tomatoes, Flat Mushrooms, Black Pudding & Poached Eggs on toasted Sour Dough this is the ultimate hangover cure and a truly decadent breakfast feast fit for a king or queen - hangover or not!

We also have a Veggie Full English available with Spinach and Vegan Sausages. And for those truly hungry souls, you can "Make It Mega"

Disclaimer - Post breakfast nap may be required… you have been warned!

3. Fluffy American Style Pancakes

Who doesn’t love big fat fluffy pancakes topped with bacon and lashings of maple syrup? Or Blueberry Compote & Chantilly Cream?! OR Topped with our homemade Apple Crumble & Ice Cream??!

And then theres the Caramelised Banana, Toffee Sauce & Toasted Almonds...

You heard! This is where breakfast meets dessert, and we're so here for it.

4. Build a Brunch Bun

All of our Brunch Buns are available with a Gluten Free Brioche

Remember those adoreable Build a Bear Workshops?! Yup, just like that but with all your favourite brunch fillings, in a yummy brioche bun. A brunch bun of dreams, if you like....

Start with either Cumberland Sausage, Smoked Back Bacon or Flat Mushroom and add as many additional extras as you fancy, including our homemade Hash Browns, Eggs, Avocado, American Cheese or even more Sausage & Bacon...

You the get idea!

5. Croque Madame

Another tasty favourite that's available Gluten Free...

And last but most certainly not least, The Croque Madame. Craig (the one who creates all the magic in the kitchen) often returns to France to relive his snowboarding days and after a recent trip to the mountains he came home and added this now super popular dish to our brunch menu, with a Chubby Frog twist of course...

The Croque Madame is a feast of a sandwich, with layers of Ham, Nacho Cheese Sauce and American Cheese topped with a Fried Egg and served with our House Seasoned Chips.... and as of last week, now available to have topped with bacon should your heart so desire.

Breakfasts at The Chubby Frog are just one of the many wonders that await you.  Nestled in the Cambridgeshire Countryside in the village of Caxton, with our oh so fabulously instagramble interiors, our cosy open fire and a welcoming team ready to serve you, it’s a dining experience not to be missed.

Ready to try for yourself?! Simply book here or just rock up, get comfy, and let us do the rest! In the meantime, take a peek at our current Brunch menu...

We can't wait to welcome you soon!

Hayley & Craig x

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